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What are recycled asphalt driveways?
Recycled asphalt, commonly referred to as RAP, is asphalt that is torn up and ground down from existing roads and highways. When compacted, recycled asphalt hardens and binds together much like new asphalt. This is especially great for building new driveways, replacing dirt or gravel driveways, or for affordable parking lots. Recycled asphalt also has the benefit of holding up well in the different Northeast seasons.

Environmentally responsible, recycled

Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Asphalt is not a biodegradable material, so anytime you choose recycled asphalt over new asphalt, you are helping the environment. We thank you for considering this responsible option.

More affordable than new asphalt

New asphalt driveways are very expensive. A recycled asphalt driveway requires less man hours and less materials to produce. It can also be done with less equipment thus reducing the overall cost.

Better than dirt or gravel

Dirt or gravel driveways are muddy in the wintertime and dusty in the summertime. Recycled asphalt is more visually appealing, and requires very little maintenance. It also stands up better to frequent vehicle traffic.

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