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Recent Projects

Protect your property or level a lot

Choose Salem to clear your land of brush, trees, and obstacles

At Salem Trucking, no project is too large or too small. Our specially trained staff are fully equipped with state of the art landing clear equipment. Clear brush, trees, and remove large rocks and boulders sticking out of the ground. Whether you are looking to clear land for a new development or protect your property, we have you covered.

Remove trees and brush

Whether you are looking to protect your property, or clearing the way for a new project, let us handle your tree and brush removal.

Rock and boulder removal

Are rocks and boulders surfacing in the yard or driveway? We can easily remove any rocks that are refrigerator size or smaller.

Chip, split, or haul it away

Chip it, split, or have us haul it away. We can provide you with many options to dispose of the removed trees and brush.

(617) 869-0768

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